Azkals remain strong amid coaching staff changes

RP Booters

The head of the Azkals assure its fans that the morale and performance of the team will not falter amid the overhauling of their coaching staff.

Team manager Dan Palami in an interview said that the team follows a blue print therefore any changes on its officials, will surely be for the advancement of the team.

Prior to this, the Philippine Football Federation confirmed that Azkals coach Michael Weiss contract will not be renewed and he will definitely be leaving the team on the 15th.

Weiss took in-charge of the team in 2011. The Azkals since then started making new records for Philippine Football, including placing third on the ASIAN Football Confederation Cup in 2012 and advancing at the Suzuki Cup Semifinals for two consecutive years.

The Azkals were declared triumphant for two years in the Philippine Peace Cup and moved to place 127 at the World ranking, the highest ranking in the history of the RP Booters.

According to the Azkals management, they will acquire the services of a foreign coach who will replace Weiss before the end of January in preparation for the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup Finals in May.

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