Authorities rescue three children from mother in viral video

Taken from the video of Jhay Jhay Carcamo

The three minors in the viral video wherein they were seen being maltreated by their own mother, Mari Jhean Guiaman, are now under the custody of the local government of San Mateo.

With the help of DZRH, Jhay Jhay Carcamo, the father of one of the victims was able to bring to the San Mateo Municipal government the said incident.

San Mateo Mayor Cristina Diaz immediately responded by tasking legal officer J.P. Dela Peña to act on the said case and he along with Carcamo went to the home of Guiaman in order to take into their custody the three children.

DZRH is also trying to communicate with the father of the two other minors.

In the said viral video posted by Carcamo, Guiaman was shown holding a candle and, in anger, was using it to hit two of the three children, who were shown without any clothes on.

The video angered many netizens who called Guiaman ‘heartless’.


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