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Authorities conduct raid in Jack Lam’s Fort Ilocandia casino

Jack Lam (photo credit:
Jack Lam (photo credit:

Authorities raided the casino of gambling tycoon Jack Lam in Fort Ilocandia in Laoag City.

Members of the CIDG-Anti Cybercrime Group, Ilocos Norte PNP and the Anti-Cybercrime Division of the Department of Justice conducted a raid at the casino in Fort Ilocandia and the newly constructed hotel in the said area, owned by Jack Lam.

In an exclusive report of DZRH, authorities did not find anything as they went through the 100 rooms in the hotel, aside from internet cables, routers, and two CPUs.

Meanwhile, the legal counsel of Jack Lam, Atty. Jason Perera complained of the sudden disturbance by authorities in his client’s casino and hotel.

Lam’s casino remains closed while the hotel in Fort Ilocandia continues to operate.

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