Army commander resigns after Ridsel’s beheading

Screen grabbed from internet
Screen grabbed from internet

Brigader General Alan Arrojado resigned from his assignment in Jolo, Sulu as chief of government troops hunting the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

Gen. Arrojado gave up the 501st army brigade based in Sulu, following the beheading of the Abu Sayyaf to one of its hostages, Canadian national John Ridsdel.

In a letter submitted by Arrojado to the Commanding General of the 5ID, the official stated that he is resigning because of ‘conflict of approach’ in addressing the problem with the bandits.

The 501st Brigade has the operational control of the 32nd, 35th and 10th Infantry Battalion in Sulu where the ASG forces are massive.

A ransom money was prepared for Ridsdel, but it was short from what was being asked by the ASG.  His head was found outside the Jolo municipal hall.



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