Another prisoner died inside Manila City Jail

Manila City Jail (FILE PHOTO)

Another prisoner died inside the Manila City Jail.

On Thursday, Allinor Polipol Baraiman was brought to the infirmary clinic of the city jail after passing out inside the cell detention. He was then transferred to Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center on Friday midnight but later on died due to ‘acute respiratory failure secondary to community-acquired pneumonia.”

The 38-year-old inmate died after acquiring pneumonia inside the city jail. Baraiman was arrested last April 5 after his involvement in illegal drugs. The court summoned him a commitment order and he was moved into the Manila City Jail on July 7.

Just last week, an inmate died due to an infection that causes the death and rotting of soft tissues or ‘necrotizing fasciitis,’ in which the MCJ denied being acquired inside their premises.


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