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Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng Extra-Judicial Killings?

A member of the Philippine National Police (PNP) investigation unit shows confiscated methamphetamine, known locally as Shabu, along with Philippines pesos seized from suspected drug pushers during an operation by the police in Quiapo city, metro Manila, Philippines July 3, 2016. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco
A REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Nagsimula na noong Lunes ang pagsisiyasat nang Justice and Human Rights at Public Order and Dangerous Drugs Committee ng Senado tungkol sa lumulubong bilang ng diumano’y extra-judicial killings sa bansa na may koneksyon sa illegal na droga.


  1. Extra-judicial killing : an evil invention

    Those who invented the word extra-judicial killing and had it defined to suit their ulterior motive are the ones sinning against humanity. They have invented a sinful word by creating a home for evil men where they can hide and at the same time accomplish their evildoings.
    Have not the Christ forewarned and condemned those men who purposely create sins ? With the stroke of their evil pen , they have created an extremely-wicked term to be used against anybody who will promise to go against all forms of evil and corruption in the government.
    What did The Lord say against these creators of evil ? If a man shall be the cause of the stumbling of his fellow , it would be better for him to be tied with a huge millstone and be thrown into the depths of the sea.
    As you can see , the word they have created is a huge stumbling block to those who are good.
    Those people who continue to use and support the use of the extremely evil “extra-judicial killing” are the ones committing sin against humanity. Look at that deceptive word , extra-judicial killing , it is like an axe breathing close at the neck of whoever will ascend to the leadership of a nation. Even before he does good , there is an evil shadow staying so close behind him , and haunting him. If he does good , his enemies will use it as a launching pad to launch their attacks on the hapless leader. The word extra-judicial killing is very much like an all-purpose machine that can manufacture all sorts of evil—with the purpose of overthrowing a good government to replace it with a wicked one so that evildoings shall continue.
    As I said in my previous post , it should be anti-judicial killing not extra-judicial killing , so that evil shall be separated from the good , its very nature is easily exposed in broad daylight , but if you use extra instead of anti—you provide a shelter for the evil ones. And you sin against the truth and against humanity and you also crucify an innocent man.

  2. Tama lang ang ginawa ni pres du30.kasi talamak na ang droga sa pilipinas pero hindi lahat ng namamatay kagagawaan ng police. Si du30 ang pinaka magaling na naging president ng filipinas dahil siya ang tunay na presidente ng masa hindi siya corupt at huwag ibitang sa kaniya ang lahat ng nangyayaring patayan.ang sisihin natin ang mga druglord.marami silang sinisira na buhay mga bata.nalulong na sa pinag babawal na gamot.mabuti na lang nandiyan si pangulong du30.

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