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Angara praises passing of Free College Education

Senator Sonny Angara Senate Photo

Senator Sonny Angara praised the Senate for approving the proposal for free matriculation to students studying in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the country.

According to Sen. Angara, Vice Chairman of Senate Committee on Education and one of the authors of Senate Bill 1304, it has been three decades since free tuition for high school students has been legislated, making it the right time for tuition for college to be made free.

The Senator applauded the Senate for prioritizing the said bill since free college tuition for SUCs is a priceless gift. Former Sen. Ed Angara, father of Sen. Sonny Angara, was the author of the Free High school Act of 1988.

About 4.1 million students are enrolled in higher education institutions. 1.9 million students are enrolled in Public High schools, while 2.2 million are enrolled in Private Schools.


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