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Amid bashing, Mariel De Leon receives support from Katarina Rodriguez

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Bb. Pilipinas – Intercontinental 2017 Katarina Rodriguez described Bb. Pilipinas – International 2017 Mariel De Leon as ‘one of the nicest and most passionate ladies’.

This is amidst the criticism being received by De Leon for her comments to Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray, who is currently a contestant for the 2018 Miss Philippines.

De Leon is being bashed by netizens for saying that the answer of Gray in a workshop ‘seemed just a tiny bit scripted.’

In a statement posted in her Twitter account, Rodriguez insisted that De Leon didn’t speak in an offensive manner and wasn’t insulting Gray.

Rodriguez also believes that De Leon wanted to help Gray, who the 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental admits is a strong contender for the upcoming pageant ‘due to being a performer, a model, and having a mind full of brightest colors’.

Rodriguez further added that netizens do not have to like De Leon but hopes that they will respect her since she doesn’t have bad intentions.

Meanwhile in her own Facebook account, Gray also spoke out about the comment of De Leon and the negativity being received by the beauty queen.

Gray insisted that the advice from beauty queens are valuable, and that she has taken it in a very constructive way.

Gray also insisted that, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t give a good reason to hurt others through bullying or bashing.

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