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American actress Bette Midler calls Prez Duterte ‘murderous dictator’

American Actress-singer Bette Midler

American singer-actress Bette Midler described President Rodrigo Duterte as a murderous dictator.

Midler is a known critic of United States of America President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In her twitter account, Midler criticized Duterte for singing Ikaw, a Filipino love song, with Filipino songstress Pilita Corrales amid the request of Trump.

Supporters of the Philippine President immediately criticized the multi-Grammy Award winning singer-comedian for her tweet. Some pro-Duterte netizens advised Midler to do her research before bashing the Philippine leader since she has no evidence for her claim.

Other netizens even said that Duterte is not a dictator since democracy is still alive in the Philippines.

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