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Ai Ai delas Alas to receive Papal Award

Photo credit: @brotherbosanchez Instagram
Photo credit: @brotherbosanchez Instagram

Actress/comedienne Ai Ai Delas Alas is known not only for her talent but also for being a kind-hearted person.

Her humanity seemed to have paid off after the Vatican recognized her contributions to the church by giving her a Papal Award.

The said award was confirmed by well-known minister Bo Sanchez, through his Instagram post.

The Papal Award or the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice is the highest medal given by the Pope to an ordinary person.

According to Sanchez, the Vatican has investigated Ai Ai’s life, her ups and downs but they saw how the Lord works in her life by giving her strength to rise every time she falls.

Ai Ai has been a subject of news many times both in her failures and success.

The actress has been active in charity works and helping the less fortunate. She is most admired when she volunteered to help former child star Jiro Manio to undergo rehab and stood as second mother to him.

Delas Alas is set to receive the award on November 11 during her birthday.

Netizens extended their admiration to Ai Ai not just as an actress but someone who serves as an inspiration to everyone.

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