AFP captures Abu Sayyaf camp in Basilan


The Armed Forces of the Philippines seized the camp of Abu Sayyaf in Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan.

According to Colonel Juvymax Uy, commander of Joint Task Force Basilan, members of Task Group Hunter, led by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Bacala, assaulted the camp of Abu Sayyaf Sub-leader Furuji Indama and Radzmil Janatul last June 16.

Uy said that the group located the camp based on the information given by members of the bandit groups that previously surrendered.

Two M16 rifles, a baby armalite, a M1 garand, explosives, four sacks of rice, and personal belongings were confiscated from the camp.

It is also believed that many members of the ASG were killed during the attack due to the numerous blood stains, but no body was recovered in the area.

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