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AFP believes ASG leader still in Marawi City

Photo by DZRH Jun Dimacutac
Photo by DZRH Jun Dimacutac

The Armed Forces of the Philippines believes that Abu Sayyaf Group leader Isnilon Hapilon is still in Marawi City.

According to AFP Spokesman Restituto Padilla, Hapilon is still in the city, together with the other members of the Maute terror group.

In line with this information, the AFP is bent on strengthening its offensives against the terror group.

Going in and out of Marawi City undergoes intense verification and identification to make sure that no member of the Maute group will be able to escape authorities.

There have been reports that some rebels try to blend in with civilians as they make their way out of the city.

Meanwhile, the AFP said that the Marawi siege will soon end.

During its Mindanao Hour press briefing, Padilla said that they will soon end the crisis created by the attack of the Maute group in Marawi City.

According to Padilla, though the AFP has yet to release a timeline, ground commanders already sent it their reports that the problem in Marawi will soon end.

Padilla reiterated that the government has control of the city except the other areas still being occupied by the terror group.

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