250,000 metric tons of imported rice to arrive in June

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The imported 250,000 metric tons of rice, which will be used to replenish the buffer stock of the government, is expected to arrive during the first week of June.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that the imported rice was approved by President Rodrigo Duterte, under the government-to-government mode.

The government was obliged to import rice after the stock of the National Food Authority got depleted.

Importation through government to private auction will also be enforced under the supervision of the Executive Council Committee headed by the Office of the President.

The NFA uses its rice stock to sell cheap rice to Filipinos who cannot afford commercial rice and in order to stabilize rice prices.

On April 5, the President said that NFA Administrator Aaron Aquino can ignore the NFA council and to ‘go ahead’ with the rice importation

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