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19 people buried alive in Tacloban City

Bodies still in the streets and collapsed buildings are now being retreived

It was disheartening to recover 19 bodies buried together in a collapsed house in Tacloban City.

According to Dr. Joseph Palmero of the Philippine National Police-Scene of the Crime Operatives, the unidentified bodies were discovered under a pile of debris in Real St., cor., Avenida Veteranos Extentions in Brgy. 99 Diit, Tacloban City.

Palmero said that two K-9 units from the US help in searching for bodies under the rubble.

Task Force Cadaver Collection admits that they haven’t gone through the whole Tacloban City and there are still areas aside from it that could mean a rise in the number of casualties.

President Benigno Aquino III ordered to dig up and mount them in a truck.

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