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10 cops sacked for ‘Wheel of Torture’

WHICH ONE IS YOURS? The ‘Wheel of Torture’ is the game 10 policemen play to get information against criminals in Biñang, Laguna. CHR PHOTO

At least 41 detainees were tortured by the Philippine National Police (PNP) officers in the PNP facility in Biñan, Laguna province.

The game torture wheel is fun game, in the case of the cops, as detainees were punched if the wheel points at “20 seconds Manny Pacman,” who is apparently Manny Pacquiao, or hung upside down if it stopped at a punishment called “30-second bat,” said Amnesty International, the London-based rights group.

CHR chair Loretta Ann Rosales called the practice horrible and despicable.

“It’s horrible,” she said. “They do it for fun, it’s like a game for entertainment,” Rosales added.

“We’re trying to correct this mindset based on a human rights approach to policing but obviously it may take a lot of time.”

Other games shown in the image are “3 minutes zombies” and “30-second duck walk/ferris wheel,” however, it was not disclosed how the game was carried out.

A torture victim during the Marcos regime, Rosales had already relayed the abuse to PNP officials.

President Aquino said he will look into these allegations and vowed to punish those involved in the tortures.

“We will await CHR’s findings and recommendations on this specific matter as it has the primary responsibility for protecting and promoting human rights,” Communications secretary, Sonny Coloma said.

The officers who tortured the detainees have been summoned to its office in Biñan and told to submit their counter-affidavits within 10 days. The police torturers were identified as Chief Insp. Arnold Formento, SPO1 Alexander Asis, PO3 Freddie Ramos, PO2 Marc Julius Caesar, PO2 Aldwin Tibuc, PO2 Melmar Baybado Viray, PO1 Nelson Caribo, SPO2 Bernardino Artisen, PO2 Mateo Cailo and PO2 Renan Galang.

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